We offer a first class cleaning service for carpets, driveways, conservatories and more, around Crawley in West Sussex
Our understanding of cleaning processes and our dedication to achieving the best results form the basis of our business
Ecohills Cleaning of Crawley - Decking, Fencing, Sheds & Garden Furniture
Restore and protect items in your garden
The regular cleaning and appropriate treatment of decking, fencing and other hardwood surfaces will help protect them from the elements and their natural aging process. Left untreated wood will ultimately suffer irreversible damage such as wood rot, cracking and weakening and will need replacing much sooner than items that are correctly treated.
Garden Furniture Restoration 1
Garden Furniture Restoration 2
The appearance can be greatly enhanced as a result of an Ecohills' specialised 'Clean & Treat' which involves removing dirt and stains such as rust and bird excrement before applying a preserving finish. Why not then consider a new look to better suit the surroundings, we offer a range of wood finishes including natural, pastel and many more.

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