We offer a first class cleaning service for carpets, driveways, conservatories and more, around Crawley in West Sussex
Our understanding of cleaning processes and our dedication to achieving the best results form the basis of our business
Ecohills Cleaning of Crawley - Spot Cleaning
'Spot Cleaning' is the Ecohills' equivalent of a 999 emergency service.
At short notice we can be on hand to undertake spot cleaning on a wide range of domestic stains.

We recommend that to avoid permanent damage to fabrics, you should not undertake stain removal yourself. Accidental spills can best be tackled simply by absorption as an initial step. In other words apply a dry cloth or tissue paper to the spill and absorb as much liquid as possible and then call us.

Never attempt to rub at the stain as this can further penetrate the fibers causing irreparable damage.

Please feel free to telephone or email us via our contact page and ask questions if you have any concerns about old stains which you feel may be non removable.
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